Z/K [ɛ keɪ]

a Bucharest-based creative label.
We give shape to concepts and bring together creators that transcend norms.

The collective was founded in 2013 by Marius Copel of The House of Zazen and Mihai Velcescu of Kraftmark. It is the driving force behind Zammorian, Electrons in Slow Motion, Threshold and the Cinepolitica International Film Festival. The collective resides at the Z/K Studio in Bucharest, RO.


Marius Copel, co-Founder

Marius is a Bucharest-born artist & producer, the man behind Electrons in Slow Motion, The House of Zazen and a member of Zammorian.

Mihai Velcescu, co-Founder

Mihai is a Bucharest-based graphic designer. Founder of Kraftmark, Caretaker ar Threshold and member of Zammorian.

Ioan Gherasim

Visual artist, musician, multi-instrumentalist and architect. Member of Zammorian.

Vlad Osiac

Visual artist, designer and architect. Founder & Principal at RITE Studio. Member of Zammorian.

Tudor Pătrașcu

Bucharest-born game designer and bassist. Member of Zammorian.

Claus Constantin

Claus is a painter, drummer and avid vinyl collector. Member of Zammorian.

Cristina Ștefan

Cristina is a Bucharest-based designer, visual artist and urban planner. Founder of Graphiometry.

Dan Dumitriu

Bucharest-based drummer and sound-engineer. Member of Sloth Motion & Camera 101.


Ana Cârlan is the Romanian visual artist behind Awkwarizmi and many Modulab projects.

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The Bucharest-based creative label founded by Kraftmark & The House of Zazen.